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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – For Her

Valentine's Day


I’m not going to lie, my love language is gifts. To me, there is nothing better than a thoughtful personal gift that shows someone how well you know them. On the flip side, there is nothing worse than a random gift that makes you think W.T.F. My thought process while choosing these gifts was I wanted things that feel special that you typically wouldn’t buy for yourself (but secretly long for). All of these gifts are great, but what will make them even better is to write a note along with it, on WHY you chose it for her (P.S. there is a gift guide for men coming too!).  For each category, I found a gift for those who are on a tighter budget, and also one for those of you who want to spend more. All of these items I personally love and stand by! Happy shopping!!



Pottery Barn Fur Robe

Alright my friends, I have never had such strong feelings about a bathrobe until I discovered this little ditty a couple of years ago. I LIVE IN THIS ROBE. It is so incredibly soft and luxurious and pretty much the next best thing to staying in bed in the morning. If your girl needs a break, this could be a great choice. Also, do you want bonus points? Schedule her a spa day to go along with it.

*Idea that you could write about in a card: why does she deserve to feel pampered? Is she an incredibly hard working girl boss? An amazing mom? 

Starts @ $30

Bouq’s Flower Subscription Service

This could be my favorite thing on my gift guide! I’m obsessed with this idea! You pay a monthly subscription fee and can have flowers delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or so-on. I am a sucker for fresh flowers in my house and the idea that beautiful bouquets would be delivered regularly makes my heart soar!

*Idea that you could write about in a card: You could write about how much it means to you that she feels special not just on Valentine’s Day, but for months after. Tell her why she’s so special. 



Women’s Oscar De La Renta Swarovski Ear Climbers

You guys may or may not know from social media that I have been obsessed with ear climbers/crawlers as of late. And these ones are RAD. And the fact that they are Oscar De La Renta make them next level.

*Idea that you could write about in a card: what about her makes her sexy or beautiful? 


Women’s Topshop Imitation Pearl Wool Blend Beret –
I was gifted this beret at Christmas from my 15 year old son, and I wear it several times a week. The pearls are so fun and unique but feel classic at the same time. It’s a pretty way to participate in a trend without seeing your money fly out the window.

*Idea that you could write about in a card: What about her makes her unique? 


Wine Glasses ($11-13) + Wine Club Subscription ($35+ per month)

Crate + Barrel Wine Glasses w/Wine Subscription

since Olivia Pope made the wine and popcorn diet popular, I’ve been obsessed with these wine glasses. They are even prettier in person and every time I get them out for guests, I get a ton of compliments. I love the idea of pairing the gift with a wine subscription and that way, it is the gift that keeps on giving!

*Idea that you could write about in a card:  If you love cozy nights at home, tell her why. 




CB2 Marble Serving Board

We entertain a lot, so I always have my eyeball out for interesting and unique serving pieces. This one from CB2 takes the cake! It’s pretty much the prettiest presentation of a cheese plate I ever did see.

*Idea that you could write about in a card:What about her lights up around other people and why is she so attractive when she spends time hosting?




Wolf ‘Chloe’ Jewelry Portfolio – Ivory

Jewelry is one of those things that is such a pain to travel with. Earrings get lost, necklaces get tangled. It’s super annoying. This travel case is perfect for frequent travelers, and it’s pretty, and it’s flat and packs well in your carry-on.

*Idea that you could write about in a card: What have been your favorite memories while traveling together? 


Women’s Saint Laurent Monogram Matelasse Leather Passport Case –

Alright, this is my one super splurge item. I LOVE it. I imagine myself traveling the world with this puppy in tow, wrapped in a cashmere scarf, oversized sunglasses hiding the jet lag. It’s pretty much my version of a sexual fantasy. 😉

*Idea that you could write about in a card: where in the world do you want to take her? How do you envision your future together? 




Amazon Noise Canceling Headphones

So I received these headphones for Christmas from my mother-in-law as I recently got the iPhone X and needed some new bluetooth headphones. These are sooooo pretty and if you have kids, the noise-canceling feature is a bonus. But don’t just get her the headphones, make her a playlist of all the songs that remind you of her (yah, that’s right. Old school style).

*Idea that you could write about in a card: Write out the playlist and the reason why you put each of the songs on it. 


Michael Michael Kors Bradshaw Access Bracelet Smart Watch, 45Mm

I haven’t wanted to get a smart watch personally because, frankly, I think they’re kind of ugly. But this. THIS I CAN DO. It’s functional and I don’t feel like everyone has to know that I’m counting my steps. 😉

*Idea that you could write about in a card: Tell her about your top 5 favorite memories of all time. Get it? TIME. I’m here all night, people. 










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