Hey girl hey! My name is Melissa Stone (middle name Mae). My short story? I’m a stylist, mom of 5 (with two cats), and I’m on a quest to help men and women everywhere feel confident, brazen, and empowered in their own skin. Want the long version (including all of my deepest darkest secrets)?

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A Brazen Video

I’ll never forget it, the moment that I knew that Brazen Mae was in my blood. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and every second since then there has been a fire within me to get it out into the world. Because for me, this isn’t some frivolous fashion blog. This is  a community, a safe harbor, for women to come to, where you can feel encouraged and empowered. Where you can know that you are always enough.

From the beginning, I wanted to create a video to reflect the heart and vision behind the blog. What I wasn’t expecting was to find a team of people who were just as passionate about it as I was. THANK YOU to First & Foremost Productions, J. Shipley Creative, Trilogie Studios, and Linda Crase Makeup for being the best production team a girl could ever ask for. This video would be nothing without you and I am forever grateful for your passion, expertise, and commitment.

Without further ado, say hello to the heart behind Brazen Mae…



  1. Toni K. says:

    Fabulous, amazing, I can’t even…I just love your drive, enthusiasm and courage! Congrats, love this.

  2. You are adorable! I mean – ADORABLE! Like CRAZY AMAZING and so you! Personally, I love that someday when your kids are grown they will watch this. And they will see exactly who you are! Hugs from 10 minutes down the street right now! xoxoxo

  3. tammi magee says:

    You are the whole package!!! I adore you and LOVE that you’re doing this. GO girl!!!! xxxooo

  4. Tori Watson says:

    thissss is wonderful. and you are beautiful and fabulous and your sense of style is right on.

    i’m pretttty unhappy with my postpartum body right now and keep finding myself looking at everyone else embracing their bodies and saying, “yeah, but, i can’t do that because MY small boobs + poochy stomach actually looks bad…” ugh. we are so wired to be cruel to ourselves. so thanks for the reminder to embrace dressing and feeling beautiful right now, even if it’s not where i feel comfortable or where i hope to end up. it IS where i am today, and today matters. <3

  5. Aisha says:

    This should be on your home page! Love it!!

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