The purpose of this blog is to empower you. It’s to encourage you to look in the mirror and not see lumps, and dimples, and rolls. It’s for you to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. Not because the clothes you wear are beautiful, but because you can see past the fabric, and you know that the person inside those clothes is amazing, insightful, and powerful beyond measure. The clothes you put on your body is just a reflection of that belief.

Let's find the true style of your brave self, your best self. I invite you to join me on this journey in discovering and fully understanding self value. To find it not in your size, your scars, your imperfections. But to love yourself, brazenly, just as you are. Because you are enough, and you are worth celebrating. Let's dress like it. 



“I line all of the prettiest shoes in my closet up front. Not because it’s practical and I wear them every day, but because life is too short to not look at beautiful peep-toe pumps.”

hi, I'm

melissa STONE


Fun facts about me? I feel empowered by lipstick. I know all of the lyrics to Salt&Peppa’s “Shoop”. I consider myself a fairly decent tap dancer (not even kidding). I have a blended family with 5 kids. I have recurring nightmares that I forget to go Christmas shopping. I still love going to dance clubs even though I swear I’m the oldest one there (I have no shame), I will never turn down a glass of champagne, and am guaranteed to cry at commercials that feature babies and puppies together (damn you marketing geniuses!). Want to more? Keep scrolling ... 

stylist. advocate.

“I THINK LIFE IS WORTH CELEBRATING, so basically everyday is an excuse to get fancy.”

A BIT MORE ABOUT ME? I'm a chronic over-dresser (and have been my entire life). I think life is worth celebrating, so basically every day is an excuse to get fancy. I line all of the prettiest shoes in my closet up front. Not because it's practical and I wear them every day, but because life is too short to not look at beautiful peep-toe pumps. I love shopping and lunch dates with my tribe of incredible friends, working out at the gym, reading books, and shaking my money-maker any chance I get.

I have five amazing kids who rock my world, continually keep me on my toes, and inspire me to make the world a better place. In our free time you can find us exploring new places, tangoing across the house, and cracking each other up in general (really though, we are HILARIOUS). Doing life with them is kind of the best thing ever. 



my cats




Just when I thought I was a life-long dog person, my husband introduced me to the world of cats. Now I'm obsessed and it makes me question who I am.

Despite my deep love for the city, I'm a small-town PNW girl through and through. I'm most at peace with the smell of salt water lingering in my hair. And if there's a boat involved, that doesn't hurt either. 

Books, magazines, newspapers, stationery, love notes. I subscribe to an embarrassing number of magazines & find extreme joy in the ritual of coffee & the Sunday paper. 



a few of my





Late nights tucked away in Parisian cafes, shopping in New York, sunrise breakfasts on Cali beaches, all night dance parties in Vegas. All of it. Give me all of it. Forever and ever. 

You'll find my husband, Brian, and I spending our evenings playing music together, either with our kids, or with our friends. Do we have family band AND a band with our friends? Maybe. 



These people are my world. They make the sun shine brighter, make me laugh harder than anyone I know, and are the best adventure team. I am so grateful to be in the front row to watch them grow into amazing people. They inspire me every. dang. day.

I am big into the lifelong pursuit of being comfortable in your own skin.

Let's hang out in cyberspace and send each other love notes in the form of heart likes and an em0ji-filled comments.

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